Climb in Greece


The Climb in Greece application is the most complete guide for climbing sectors in Greece. The application contains more than 80 climbing crags in Greece and provides the user the following features:

- Display all climbing crags of Greece on map based on their coordinates.

- Display important information for each climbing crag of Greece. This information includes the name, the closest city and the routes of each climbing crag.

- Display user's current location on the application's map using wireless networks or GPS satellites (enable location services in device settings). User with one click can easily check the weather based on current position.

- Display and calculate route paths based on user's current location by touching the directions button of Google Map at the bottom right screen of the application. Display the route path, the distance, the duration and the navigation to the preferred climbing crag.

- Help Menu with additional useful information for the user (Contact, Description of the Application, Navigation and Location settings).

- Language supported for the application is English. The map and the directions/navigation is based on device's selected language.

The list of all the available climbing crags is updated frequently giving the user the most updated information. Updates are automatically installed.

For proper operation of the application internet connection is required.

Climb in Greece - Android Application

The application requires Android operating system version 4.0.3 and up