Camping Greece


With 280 campsites, Camping Greece Application is the most complete and updated campsite viewer of Greece. The Camping Greece Application provides you the following features:

  • Display all active campsites of Greece on map based on their coordinates.
  • Display important information for each campsite of Greece. This information includes the county, the location, the phone numbers, the official website, and the opening periods of each campsite.
  • Display official URL link for each campsite of Greece. User clicks and opens URL link to his device browser automatically for online booking, pictures and supported facilities information.
  • Display user's current location on the application's map using wireless networks or GPS satellites (enable location services in device settings).
  • Display and calculate route paths based on user's current location by touching the directions button of Google Map at the bottom right screen of the application. Display the route path, the distance, the duration and navigation to the preferred campsite.
  • Language supported for the application is English. The map and the directions/navigation is based on device's selected language.

The list of all the available campsites is updated frequently giving the user the most updated information for each campsite of Greece. Updates are automatically installed free of charge once user has purchased the application.

Camping Greece - Android Application in Google Play

Requires Android 4.0.3 and up